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Virgoperidot aka Virgolicious4life

October 23rd, 2008 by


From USA! I started making videos a year ago! Started uploading videos on a bet. After I won the bet I was hooked! 6 months into video making I found shakinit.com Been uploading videos on shakinit ever since. Well Known for my Public vids! My Vid in the car I have been told was a fav to alot of people, a virgo clasic.

The famous booty shakin' in the car video

More info on me

Studying at the University of Phoenix Majoring in Information Technology. I love animals, mud riding, 4x4ing & a huge wrestling fan. Measurements 36c~27~44. I love making videos!

I have made videos for artists such as Dacav5, Mr.Smith, Spadedot of UGK, Playarabbit, 2deep, peepsspace adventure, Kurse, GSX music, therobba, KapriceKlassic, Catastrophe, Champ and Tenn, crazyeight, Laced Beats, Manorboyrage and counting!

Virgoperidot’s official site: http://virgoperidot.shakinit.com
Virgoperidot's official site

Virgoperidot’s official myspace: http://myspace.com/379903112

Virgoperidot Image 1

Virgoperidot Image 1

Virgoperidot Image 2

Virgoperidot Image 2

Virgoperidot Image 3

Virgoperidot Image 3

Virgoperidot Image 4

Virgoperidot Image 4

Virgoperidot Image 5

Virgoperidot Image 5

Virgoperidot Image 6

Virgoperidot Image 6

Virgoperidot Image 7

Virgoperidot Image 7

Virgoperidot Image 8

Virgoperidot Image 8

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12 Responses to “Virgoperidot aka Virgolicious4life”

  1. Ray Says:

    man u got got one of the best body that i have seen in a white girl. 2 me col dont mean nothing here in miami. u got somthing i would love 2 c n person.hit me up later

  2. KSEE Says:

    Virgo Makes me proud to be from Georgia…GOOD LAWD she is simply amazing!

  3. jhdrv Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiii sexyyyyyy booty

  4. James Says:

    DAYUUUMMMM girl im 15 but i would love to meet your fine ass someday maybe if you looking for a young guy some day ive only got 3 years baby i would soooooooooooooo loe to lick ya ass butta it up mmmmmm

  5. luis Says:

    so ur going to UOP isnt that funny, whoa i knew there were fine women there and ur in? yes..so are u going for your BSIT or Masters. QUestion i asked its because im a student also

    love ur pics

  6. big PAT Says:

    damnnnnnnnnnn white girl you got my attention.that ass is so amazing . wish it was scratch & sniff photos

  7. boski Says:

    you need to get in contact with me i shoot movies and u could fill a part would like to her from u

  8. Big Booty Slapper Says:

    That big booty got me hard as fuck! I added u on myspace and my entire profile is decked out with pictures of that phat ass.

  9. tryst strayborn Says:

    When we gonna get to see you being analyzed by some big, black, greasy, mutha?

  10. kerfon jean Says:

    can i taste you one day girl??

  11. kerfon jean Says:

    can i taste you one day girl?????

  12. kerfon jean Says:

    can i taste you one day girl????

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