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ass shaking contest #10 winner

September 7th, 2009 by

Congratulations again to Kitty! This is her 3rd booty shaking contest victory at shakinit.com!

Booty Shaking Contest #10

Here’s a few more videos to quickly take a look at. There were 8 entries total this week.

Msnewbootybooty took 2nd place



Click here to view the rest of the entries!

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3 Responses to “ass shaking contest #10 winner”

  1. Ilovelatins Says:

    Kitty is absolutely amazing…that booty has me hypnotized.

  2. kerfon jean Says:

    i love all them ladies!!!

  3. mac.t Says:

    shay had a gangsta on rock.email me momma tdye35@wi.rr.com