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Booty shaking contest #14 results

December 6th, 2009 by

Many impressive booty shakers entered and produced some excellent videos making this contest a tough decision when it came time to vote.
For the first time in shakinit.com‘s contest history there was a tie.
MsnewBootyBooty’s 1st Place Video

Virgoperidot’s 1st Place Video

href=”http://msnewbootybooty.shakinit.com”>Msnewbootybooty and Virgoperidot ended up with the exact same number of votes at the end of the day.

Just barely behind in votes, GreenEyed took the 3rd place position with this hot video.

Also, a very popular gal most known from her youtube days came out of retirement for this contest. Jilliciouz put together this excellent video proving she’s still got it and has truly mastered the art of booty shaking.

You can check the rest of the contestants out and view their full video entries for this contest here:

Thanks again to K-9 for providing those great tunes!

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One Response to “Booty shaking contest #14 results”

  1. frederickus Says:

    “…girl, SHAKE DAT ASS to da GANGSTA BEAT” indeed!!! I PROUDLY voted for VIRGO PERIDOT in this contest, and I remeber my exictement when I found out she won!!!

    Virgo, you have the most INCREDIBLE ASS EVER!!!

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