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Ms Kandy Kash

April 13th, 2010 by

If you’re a fan of booty models there’s a good chance you’ve been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the most extremely beautiful Ms Kandy Kash. Not only is she a smokin’ hot rising star in the adult industry, she’s a straight up talented rap artist as well!

Kandy Kash

Ms Kandy Kash’s brand new music video “White Girl Pussy”
(This is the clean version, subscribe to @ http://kandykash.shakinit.com to see the full video)

You’ll never think of politics the same way again after watching this sexy video featuring Kandy’s hit song “Polatician”!

There’s lots of questions that fans often ask Ms Kandy Kash, read on for her answers.

Q: What are your measurements?

* 5,7″
* 36-26-40

Q: What got you into the adult industry?

*Well Ive been doing my rap thing since about 16 and been a dancer on and off since I was 18 (and have had every “real” job u could imagine along the way).. But was never really satisfied with any of my jobs and rappin’ (at that time) wasnt really getting me anything but “hood fame” and doin shows here & there around south florida. And I had always joked when I was younger “Hey, if all else fails, I’ll just do porn”. LoL But seriously, I am a very sexual person (VERY) I mean im horny all the time and at this point in my life.. I dont do the boyfriend/tied-down thing and I am not a shy person by far!! So I eventually came to the conclusion why not have the sex I want, fulfill some fantasies that I might not otherwise experience outside of porn
AND make money!!? I thought long and hard about it (for yearrrrrrs)!! And at this time it just makes sense (for me). *

* I am just a true entertainer and love to be on stage, on film, on camera, on the mic and just in the spotlight in general.. (Heyy!! Im a LEO!!)*

Q: What is the sexiest outfit you have?

* My Birthday Suit!! LoL!! Ohhhhh u probably meant clothes, huh?.. *

Q: What do you do when you are not working?

* I am ALWAYS working!! Whether im filming, in the studio recording, writing lyrics & poetry, painting, updating my websites, making fetish videos, doing cam shows.. I mean there is always work to be done!! So I guess the simple answer would be; sleeping.*

Kash Only Cover

Q: What turns you on?

* soft touching, sensual rubbing, licking/kissing on my back (upper and lower).. teasing, begging, being begged, light choking and wrist holding, dirty talk, hair pulling and voyeurism!! *

Q: What turns you off?

* bad hygiene, bad teeth, no humor, super hairy, small dicks, hanging pussies and flat asses!!*

Q: What gets you off when you have nobody around?

* the water that streams from my shower head, the vibrators and dildos in the box next to my bed and the jets in my hot tub!! =)*

Q: If there was one person that you would want to make a movie with, who would it be?

*Well there is quite a few people that could go on that list (mostly all women) but to just name 1.. Jenna Jameson!!*

Q: If you could produce your own movie, what would it be about?

*Well I have made my own “movie”.. Its a Double Disc DVD & Mixtape!! *

*Its called: Ms Jess IS Kandy Kash: “Home-Made Kandy”!! I like to to describe it as collage porn!! Ass shaking, strip teasing, pussy playing, dick sucking and a little pov fucking mixed with some hottest music from
unsigned artist in the south PLUS My Mixtape “Kash Only”!! All created, produced and edited by me personally!!*

** ASK ME HOW TO GET YOUR COPY NOW @ ContactKandyKash@gmail.com !!!*

Q: Last movie you saw?

* Shyyyyyyyyyyt… “Home-Made Kandy”!!! (LoL) Im serious too!!*

Q: What are your plans for the future?

* Putting out a album soon (im with Game Tite Records) single is out on www.cdbaby.com/kandykash now!! Plus my websites are in affect (Booty Shakin) www.kandykash.shakinit.com (Fetish Videos) www.Kandyfetish.com (Men & Women’s Apparel) www.KandyKashApparel.com!! I am working on having a new site built with everything under one domain. But there is and also will be ringtones, wallpapers, posters, poetry books, an album and a few other special projects that are still in the idea phase!! So stay tuned!! *

*Also don’t forget to go to my myspace page @ www.myspace,com/mskandykash*

Thanks~ Kandy Kash

Ms Kandy Kash

Be sure to checkout all of Kandy Kash’s booty shaking videos @ http://kandykash.shakinit.com!!!

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