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Virgoperidot is back!

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Virgoperidot, the star of shakinit.com, has sent us some new high quality pictures to reward her huge fanbase, enjoy and if you want to know more follow her on twitter and join the official site with almost 1000 videos!

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Booty shaking contest #14 results

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Many impressive booty shakers entered and produced some excellent videos making this contest a tough decision when it came time to vote.
For the first time in shakinit.com‘s contest history there was a tie.
MsnewBootyBooty’s 1st Place Video

Virgoperidot’s 1st Place Video

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New Booty Videos

Kai Lee pesents
plaid panties with booty lotion!
indica ass shaking video: 27-3-2015-22-27-57-Tease.mp4
25 seconds tease...
Ancient Booty Ninja clan
I just wanna party ;)
How BAD do you want to Fuck Me?...Really Bad!!
stripping naked out of my tight black lingerie
Stick it in my Ass...Beg&039;s Sexy DDD Cassandra